Meet Odie AKA Otis

AgeAdult BreedBeagle/Terrier Sexmale

Odie is six years old. He was an owner release to the Smythe County Pound and in danger of being put to sleep. He is a very nice dog, but has not been well cared for. He's not shy and loves to play and comes when called. He's not had any vaccines given and he's not been neutered. The LAP will be having him neutered, chipped, heartworm checked and receive his rabies vaccine ASAP. He has been wormed, treated for fleas and has had his bordetella and parvo/distemper vaccines when he entered The LAP. He entered the shelter on October 6, 2019. Odie is sponsored by: Kristin Crowder

How to Adopt


Visit him at League for Animal Protection to get acquainted. Call or go to their website to familiarize yourself with what you'll need to begin the adoption process. Remember, adoption is a lifetime commitment, one full of love and reward but also financial and personal responsibility. Take the time to prepare, commit, and fall in love for a lifetime.

League for Animal Protection
PO Box 561
603 Poor Farm Road
Fincastle, VA 24090
(540) 473-3853