Meet Louie

AgeSenior BreedHound Sexmale, neutered

CBA: Greeting: Comes to assessor with little hesitation when called. Dog is not fearful of interaction and actively seeks attention. Handling: Stiffens during petting of flank and head, but allows test. Stiffens during teeth touch, but allows test. Hold: Tolerates hold and manipulation, but stiffens during test. Toy: Shows no interest in toy. Food: Dog calmly allows the food to be moved, follows the dish. Dog lifts their head when hand is pushed against his cheek. Dog intro: Dog approaches helper dog with tail at spine level, body not stiff, ears relaxed, lip long or neutral. Color:tri colored

How to Adopt


Visit him at Regional Center for Animal Care & Protection to get acquainted. Call or go to their website to familiarize yourself with what you'll need to begin the adoption process. Remember, adoption is a lifetime commitment, one full of love and reward but also financial and personal responsibility. Take the time to prepare, commit, and fall in love for a lifetime.

Regional Center for Animal Care & Protection
1510 Baldwin Ave.
Roanoke, VA 24012