Meet Sunny

AgePuppy BreedSiberian Husky/Mixed Breed (Medium) Sexmale

Sunny was a stray, so we really have no idea of his breed, his exact age or how big he will be. He was 10 lbs. on June 15 and now July 8 he is 13 lbs. so not a fast grower. We are guessing he was born around April 17, 2019. He was in foster care with a 7 month old pup and they played wonderfully together. Now that he has been adopted Sunny seems to do fine on his own. He played a little with two Labradoodles visiting next door as well as small children that were also visiting. Sunny sleeps well in his crate every night and we are working on housebreaking. He has learned to sit nicely for a treat. He is an active puppy and does not like to be contained in your arms very long. He really wants to run around and play as most puppies do. Sunny has been dewormed, microchipped, and has received the distemper-parv0 combination vaccine twice and the kennel cough vaccine. He has also had flea and tick preventative applied. His adoption fee will also cover his neuter when done at one of our vet clinics. Since he is not yet neutered, Sunny s not available for adoption outside of the counties contiguous to Bedford County. For more information, please call the Bedford Humane Society a 540 586-6100 or go to to fill out an adoption application.

How to Adopt


Visit him at Bedford Humane Society to get acquainted. Call or go to their website to familiarize yourself with what you'll need to begin the adoption process. Remember, adoption is a lifetime commitment, one full of love and reward but also financial and personal responsibility. Take the time to prepare, commit, and fall in love for a lifetime.

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