Meet Sir Lancerlot

AgeSenior BreedPit Bull Terrier Sexmale

Well don't just sit there and look at me! COME SEE ME! I may be a little gray around the muzzle but i still need some TLC too. Doesn't every dog deserve that when they gets to be my age? I'm Sir Lancerlot, and you can verify my real, true, loyal, loving doggy heart and soul by visiting me at Angels of Assisi. I will be honest though, I get jealous of other animals mainly because I like to hog all of the attention. Therefore, I'd kinda really like to be your one and only.

How to Adopt


Visit him at Angels of Assisi to get acquainted. Call or go to their website to familiarize yourself with what you'll need to begin the adoption process. Remember, adoption is a lifetime commitment, one full of love and reward but also financial and personal responsibility. Take the time to prepare, commit, and fall in love for a lifetime.

Angels of Assisi
415 Campbell Avenue SW
Roanoke, VA 24016